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Mascarpone Frosting

Mascarpone frosting piped in a glass.
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This easy mascarpone frosting, also mascarpone icing, is a nice variation on the classic Chantilly cream. It is perfect for serving fresh fruit, piping cupcakes, filling and frosting cakes, and topping pies.


  • 1 cup + 1 tablespoon (250 g) heavy cream
  • 1 cup (250 g) mascarpone cheese
  • 4 tablespoons (30 g) icing sugar


  1. Put a bowl of an electric mixer and beaters or the bowl of a stand mixer and the whisk attachment to the freezer for at least 10-15 minutes.
  2. Pour the cold heavy cream into the bowl and assemble the mixer with cold beaters or the whip attachment. Add the cold mascarpone (you can loosen it a bit in advance by crushing it with a spoon or a spatula) and icing sugar.

  3. Start whisking on low speed to mix ingredients together. The mascarpone whipped cream will first be at a liquid stage that will turn into soft peaks. Continue to whisk the mascarpone mixture, gradually increasing the speed of the mixer. The cream will get to the stage of medium peaks, then stiff peaks. Stop whisking with the right cream's texture and consistency.

  4. Transfer the frosting to a piping bag to fill or decorate your favorite cakes or cupcakes. Or cover the bowl with a plastic film in contact and refrigerate for up to 48 hours.


  1. Don't omit the chilling utensils before you start.
  2. Choose an electric hand mixer over a stand mixer, and whisk over the paddle attachment since there is a chance of overmixing the cream with the powerful stand mixer. You can use a hand whisk with less chance of overwhipping.
  3. Opt for a metal bowl: it keeps the cold better, an important condition to make the perfect mascarpone whipped cream.
  4. Avoid over-whipping the cream: watch out for the right consistency; otherwise, it splits into butter and buttermilk.
  5. Get creative with flavoring the cream using vanilla, coconut, or almond extract.





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