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Strawberry Bouquet

Strawberry bouquet wrapped in parchment and gauze paper.
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This edible strawberry bouquet is a stunning gift for any occasion during the summer, from St. Valentine's Day to Mother’s Day!


  • 25-30 fresh strawberries
  • 25-30 12 inches (30 cm) bamboo skewer sticks
  • floral tape
  • 4 sheets 12 x 20 inches (30 x 50 cm) unbleached parchment paper
  • 1 sheet 12 x 10 inches (30 x 25 cm) unbleached parchment paper
  • 1-2 pieces 15 x 20 inches (38 x 50 cm) extra-strong parchment
  • curling ribbon
  • 2 pieces 20 x 16 inches (50 cm x 40 cm) gauze wrapping paper
  • satin ribbon 1-inch/2.5 cm wide


  1. To prepare wrapping paper, lay the sheets of unbleached parchment paper on a table and fold them all about halfway, but asymmetrically, so four paper angles become exposed. Repeat this step with a small piece of parchment.
  2. To prepare strawberries, choose the freshest, most aesthetically pleasing ones. Rinse strawberries and use paper towels to pat the strawberries dry. There is no need to hull them beforehand.

    Note: If you use unwashed strawberries, please, remember to wash them before eating. If you give the bouquet as a gift, attach a message with instructions on how berries should be cleaned up properly.

  3. Gently insert a bamboo skewer into each strawberry. Try to place it in the center of the green leafy part called 'calyx' or 'hull.'

  4. To arrange strawberry sticks into a bouquet, start from the center and work in a circular pattern. Rotate the bouquet as you build, so the strawberries sit at different angles. If necessary, cover any holes or openings by placing bamboo sticks a bit higher or lower.

  5. To fix the bamboo sticks, firmly secure them together using floral or masking tape.

  6. To wrap the bouquet, hold it upright in one hand, and wrap one sheet of folded parchment paper around strawberry sticks. One side of the paper should almost reach the other side. Tie the paper with floral tape. Continue with the rest of the parchment, folding the other side around the bouquet. Finally, fix each or a couple of parchment paper pieces with a curling ribbon or string.

  7. With a small parchment piece, wrap the exposed bamboo sticks and tie the paper with the curling ribbon. It will result in a cone-shaped wrapping with the only strawberries being exposed.

  8. Use a couple of extra-strong parchment or wrapping paper to finish the arrangement, folding the paper over the bouquet. Secure it with the curling ribbon or string if necessary. Finally, wrap the bouquet with gauze wrapping paper for a beautiful finishing touch, although it is optional.

  9. To secure the strawberry bouquet, use the curling ribbon and twist it a few times around the bouquet, so the paper doesn't unwrap. Then take one or two colors of matching satin ribbon and tie it firmly with a handmade florist bow.


  1. Use a tall jar or vase to hold your bouquet while assembling it if desired.
  2. Wrap the papers around strawberry sticks by holding them in one hand and working with the paper using another hand. Or place the paper on the table and wrap your bouquet on a flat surface.





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